Welcome to the Oligarchy. May You Take Our Orders?
Three plus years ago, a joint Princeton — Northwestern University study found that the United States was no longer the democracy we’ve always thought ourselves to be. We’ve quietly slid into becoming an oligarchy; a state that is controlled by and exists for the advancement of wealthy and powerful corporations and individuals for their own ends.
Those ends are not necessarily beneficial to the majority of citizens, who increasingly are not even listened to. You only have to see the results of the net neutrality vote and the tax reform (“cut” is an Orwellian attempt to redefine terms for people) to see the first open salvos of what’s coming. Social Security and Medicare are currently caught up in an effort to relabel them as entitlements despite the fact they are insurance programs Americans have paid into their entire working lives. It’s an attempt to redefine the meaning of language itself, in order to make draconian changes appear palatable and benign.
The only thing that we don’t have yet is a national leader spouting “We have always been at war with Eastasia”, though that kind of scenario is probably not long in coming.
At what point will it be hopeless to reverse course? How can this be stopped before it destroys us?
It may already be too late. Our populace is happily embalmed into Disney-like existence where they feel that things are all right so long as you do the right things, say the right things, and do not question what’s happening too deeply. From there, it’s a remarkably easy step to accepting “this you may not have, you may not see, you may not know — for your own good.”
Accept. Do what you’re told. Don’t rock the boat.
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